Bonn Conference for Global Transformation

12 – 13 May 2015
World Conference Center Bonn, Germany

A look back at the Bonn Conference 2015

Eight hundred participants from 70 countries came together for the first Bonn Conference for Global Transformation on 12 and 13 May, including international experts such as Jeffrey D. Sachs, Ed Gillespie, Claudia Roth and Vandana Shiva, the winner of the Alternative Nobel Prize. We would like to express our thanks to all those who made the trip, many from very far away. To all those who shared their experiences with us and taught us something. To all those who inspired us. To all those who will help spread the ideas of the conference. And most of all, we thank you for the many positive comments, as well as the constructive criticism. For all of this, we would like to thank you and we look forward to seeing you again in 2017.  

For those who were unable to attend this year, we have compiled some of the highlights, best photos and most fascinating videos from the Bonn Conference in our Review 2015 section.

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From Politics to Implementation

2015 sees the start of a new development and sustainability agenda. The United Nations post-2015 agenda sets new global goals that apply to all states equally, be they rich or poor, developing or industrialised, in the South or in the North. It is designed to firmly anchor the idea of sustainability in people's minds.

This will require radical structural and institutional transformation, but most of all a change in our convictions, values and interests. Yet transformations do not follow a blueprint, which is what makes them so difficult to manage.

For this reason, the Bonn Conference for Global Transformation provides an opportunity for experienced decision-makers from all over the world to discuss strategies and solutions and to form new networks and alliances. Individuals from the fields of business, research and academia, civil society and policy-making are invited to share their experiences with one another and join forces to tackle the great challenges of our time.



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