We look forward to hearing from Su Kahumbu Stephanou!


Su Kahumbu Stephanou. Copyright: TED Global photographer 2010

Copyright: TED Global photographer 2010

What do the world-famous TED Talks, the Kenyan company Green Dreams, the award-winning iCow app and now the Bonn Conference have in common? That’s right: Su Kahumbu Stephanou.

Stephanou, a Kenyan, founded the company Green Dreams Ltd. in 2000, which, as well as offering its own organic products, helps farmers throughout Africa to grow these products too. She then developed the iCow app in 2010, which provides training, online videos and individual tips to help dairy farmers in their daily work, with advice ranging from the best milking method to a feeding plan for their cow. All this is accessible free of charge via text or voice message on a mobile phone; a smartphone is not required.

This is an idea that needs to be shared, which is precisely what Su Kahumbu has done. ‘Ideas worth spreading’ is the motto of the global TED (Technology, Entertainment, Design) conferences; Su Kahumbu is a TED Fellow in the organisation’s network. At the conferences, scientists, entrepreneurs, activists and artists present their ideas in a short 18-minute presentation. Videos of the TED Talks are placed online afterwards, providing inspiration to millions.

Su Kahumbu has already achieved and changed a great many things. At the Bonn Conference, she will share her experience with us and address the issue of how we can bring about global transformation.