Who, what and how? Bonn Conference workshop schedule online now


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Do you already know which workshops you will participate in at the Bonn Conference for Global Transformation? You can now find workshop details on our website. In keeping with the motto of this year’s conference, ‘From Politics to Implementation’, they chart the path from an idea into practical implementation – from ‘what’ to ‘how’. 

In 20 workshops, the conference speakers and participants will come together to debate, develop solutions and make suggestions. Our speakers will share their experiences and highlight new approaches. They will explain what transformation means to them and which strategies will lead us to the future we envisage.

Together, we will address the issues of transformation.  Which economic, social and perhaps even cultural aspects of the energy transformation do we need to consider, alongside the technical hurdles (workshop 3)? How can communities include women’s needs at the budget planning stage and why does this make sense in the long term (workshop 12)? And what role can or should the media play in global transformation (workshop 20)? This is just a selection of subjects, so what’s your topic? You can find in-depth information on the workshops in the current schedule.