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Bonn is a lively, cosmopolitan major city located on one of the most beautiful sections of the Rhine. The city’s around 320,000 citizens are multicultural, educated, and cosmopolitan. Bonn has established a global network of relations and contacts in the fields of environment, development, and science.

The city on the Rhine is the home of the UN in Germany and hosts around 150 non-governmental organisations, as well as international scientific institutions and companies, federal ministries and authorities. People come here from all over the world to work, meet, and live.

Bonn’s central theme is sustainability – and the city practices what it preaches. It joined the city network ICLEI and the Climate Alliance of Cities. Bonn is involved in the international network LAB Local Action for Biodiversity and in the Global Partnership on Local and Sub-national Action for Biodiversity.

Website of the City of Bonn: http://www.bonn-international.org/city-of-bonn.html

World Conference Center Bonn

Copyright: Michael Sondermann / Bundesstadt Bonn

The Plenary Chamber is the place where the German Parliament met from 1992 until 1999. The glass and steel building lies at the heart of the former government quarter in direct proximity to the Rhine.

With the transparent effect created by the glass construction, and its harmonious integration into the cityscape, the Plenary Chamber is considered to be one of the most beautiful plenary buildings in the world. It has capacity for 1,230 persons to meet.

Website WCCB: www.worldccbonn.com/en

Gallery: http://www.worldccbonn.com/en/plenary-chamber/gallery-the-plenary-chamber-in-the-world-conference-center-bonn/